Tattoo Care

There’s nothing like the feeling of a brand-new tattoo. The perfect design, bold colors, and sharp lines provide a level of satisfaction that few other feelings rival. But as time goes on, those sharp lines and vibrant colors may begin to fade. To keep that new tattoo look – and that new tattoo feeling – your tattoo requires special care even beyond its healing period. There are a few easy habits that you can practice that will keep your tattoo looking newer, longer.

Note: If you have recently gotten a tattoo, be sure to follow our After Care Instructions.

Over time, UV rays from the sun can break up the pigment in your tattoo, making the lines blur and the colors fade. Regularly applying sunscreen to your tattoo whenever it’s in the sun will keep it looking sharper and more vibrant for longer. Avoiding prolonged time in the sun and wearing UV protective clothing that covers your tattoo are also healthy habits not just for your tattoo, but for your skin in general.

Frequently moisturizing is a vital part of your tattoo’s long-term care. Healthy, hydrated skin helps maintain your tattoo’s vibrancy. You may notice that your tattoo tends to be drier than the rest of your skin, so moisturizing is key to keeping your tattoo hydrated and looking fresh.

Choosing an appropriate wardrobe for your tattoo can help minimize fading and blurring as well. Tight clothes can cause friction and irritation to your tattoo, increasing the rate at which it fades. Loose fitting, breathable clothing is best for tattoos, not just during the healing process, but throughout its lifespan.

Overall, healthy skin care habits in general are also healthy for your tattoo. Being kind to your skin by moisturizing and avoiding excessive sun exposure, coupled with appropriate attire can ensure that that “new tattoo” feeling doesn’t wear off even when it’s no longer new.